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Split w/ Snow Caps

by Little Teeth

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Recipe 06:21
HOLD YOUR BREATH THROUGH THE TEST OF ENDURING SECRETS FIX YOUR MIND ON A TIME WHEN YOU BELIEVED IN LIFE shattered pieces of fractured statements// //thoughts invasive are haunting me (im) dead to old self but not yet reborn ancient trauma stored inside my cells & VERY BEING’S GRAIN IM HALF A BLINK AWAY FROM FINDING FREEDOM INSIDE THIS DISTORTED MENTAL CAGE (& IM YOUR MAN UNTIL our END) TURN AWAY FROM MY FAULTS AND I’LL BE EASY TO WANT WHO I WAS HAS DISSOLVED BACK TO THE MOUTH OF SOURCE SKETCHED A LIST DESIGNED A PLAN assigned a route FOR OUR FATE’s COMMAND shiny inkwells of festered horrors toxic programs VIOLATING DEBT FROM YOUR PAST MISTAKES but THAT’S NOT MY DEBT TO PAY your shadow side tricked my brain BUT THAT’S NOT MY DEBT TO PAY HOLD ME IM YOUR SEED IM YOUR UNPICKED BERRY KNOW ME Squeeze me in the overtones of your shed conditioning I’LL BE KIND i will be KIND THERE’S NO RECIPE SO THE REMEDY WILL BE FOR ME TO BE KIND HOLD ME LIKE A BIG PILE OF WET CONFETTI SAVE ME store me in the unclean jars of your personality SAVE MY LIFE i will be KIND THERE’S NO RECIPE SO THE REMEDY WILL BE FOR ME TO BE KIND LONELY I’m the place where your pain was stored in RIDING the unchartered waves of nature’s tragic comedy LIQUID GROUND can I trust what’s real/illusory ? CAN THE ENERGY IT TAKES TO HEAL REPLACE POTENTIAL ENERGY REQUIRED TO SIMPLY STAY ALIVE I will be kind HIDING I CAN’T BE MYSELF AROUND YOU! DANGLING from the last surviving STRAND of my WILL TO BE COMPLETE Making peace with your time on this planet earth it could be so much worse I’m sure so I will be… I CHOOSE TO BE ME! (You’ll only believe in your own story You will only care if it’s pandering Will you ever truly know empathy You have only shared what’s been curated you have only known the frightening seasons you’ll only look if I FOOL YOU INTO SEEING) hanging around set up camp be the map down where we are the womb I’ll be there for you when you are the tomb Idling when your insides are trapped and snowed in/(LOAD THE GUN of your brain with an open display CRAWLED THRU PITS OF LOST PRIDE TO FORFEIT MY DISGUISE TIMING//LOSING TRACK OF ANY TRACE OF PERFORMED IDENTITY BEAR IN MIND PAIN WILL MAKE IT CLEAR WHAT YOU SUPPRESS WHAT YOU DON’T TREAT (They’ll project only what they wanna see subjectivity is such a fucking theif) HOLD ME I’M YOUR FRUIT I’M YOUR UNPICKED BERRY LATELY BEEN CONCERNED FOR WHAT COMPRISES MY BODY OF BELIEF CHANGE MY LIFE I WILL BE KIND There’s no recipe so the remedy will be for me to be kind
Impossible 04:43
I hear the band call I see the stand-off this wound’s dismantled and there’s no time off god I wanna be free you’re impossible to seize everything’s leaning on me you’re impossible to please I hear the band that they call reason I hear processions resound all season there was no music in the feeling of existence in a climate that was neutral by design as it could not boil or freeze on the un-bending knee suspension before sneeze contrast/polarity this needs to be wrapped in your system with binding chemicals that mirror a barrier reef composition of math vs mystery disaster proportioned in leagues mapped in the cosmic orbit incredible that this fits confounding collective wits pretend to understand it under our skin it’s all under our skin by the hair of our chin it’s all under our skin you’re impossible to please we subjectively perceive there’s no -right- it’s relative let go of your certainty they had a leader they called jesus she was a drag queen who performed great services distilled molecular convergence biology of belief matter obeys what we think I forget that I’m complete equipped to command my fleet but it’s impossible to see! chase in circles gradually growing you set me up for disarmed treason propelled by self-fulfilling prophecy you set me up for dependency made sure you’re the only one who knows how to fulfill my inextinguishable needs you love me dangerously
I don’t care what the assignments are I don’t care what new thing is worth living for I don’t need proof to tell me that I’m good you make me understand (that) Im understood I care about these simple elements I care how u feel and how u arrived at it contagiously clean love your obsession with the path of development turning walls into ways


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released December 1, 2018


all rights reserved



Little Teeth San Francisco, California

Little Teeth's debut album was released in 2008 on Absolutely Kosher. The band channels deep song paroxysms transformed into an avant-symphony. Their live set includes a catalog of at least 12 different instruments. Songs oscillate from short, sweet punches, to freak-pop sing-alongs, noise-folk sonatas, to sprawling orchestras of beautiful chaos. They are currently recording their sophomore LP. ... more

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